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The City of Frontenac, a fourth class City in Saint Louis County, Missouri, Frontenac has 3,483 residents, approximately 1,300 homes and comprises 1,944 acres (2.8 square miles). While now a suburb of Saint Louis, Frontenac has not deviated far from its rural roots, maintaining predominately one acre lots with a population density of only 1,221 per square mile (roughly ½ of the County average). With an excellent housing stock, an average household income of $119,508, easy accessibility to major thoroughfares and a per capita crime rate less then one-third the national average Frontenac remains an extremely desirable community in which to live.

The City of Frontenac eclipses two public school districts; the majority of homes are in the Ladue School, while some homes in the southern side of Frontenac are in the Kirkwood School District. In addition, the Saul Mirowitz-Reform Jewish Academy Day School, at B’Nai El Temple, and two private all girls’ schools, Villa Duchene and St. Joseph’s Academy, are both located within Frontenac.

(via the City of Frontenac Website)


Plaza F
Plaza Frontenac is an upscale, two-level, enclosed, regional shopping center
Frontenac has amazing high end restaurants including Kreis’ Steakhouse, Brio, Cardwell's & Bricktop's
The Hilton In Frontenac is an excellent location for guests, and a great venue to hold events.