Brentwood Mo Fountain

The City of Brentwood is a premier residential community, known as the “City of Warmth” to residents because of its small town charm and friendly atmosphere. It is a progressive community– one that is moving forward while still maintaining an atmosphere that keeps us unique. The community offers a wide variety of services such as city-owned and operated residential trash and curbside recycling and fully staffed police and fire departments. There are a variety of housing options including high quality single family homes, condominium developments and apartments. The City also offers seven parks, fitness and educational classes, an in- door ice rink and sports leagues. With its housing quality and variety, beautiful neighborhoods, ample parks and walking trails, and top notch city services, the quality of life in Brentwood is unsurpassed in the region.

(Via the City of Brentwood Website)


Brentwood Square shopping Center
One of the many shopping centers in Brentwood
Brentwood High School
Brentwood offers a great public school district, in additional to several private and parochial schools, and colleges nearby.
St. Mary Magdalen Elementary School
St. Mary Magdalen Elementary School and Catholic Parish