Has Someone Died in Your House?

Died in your House

Has Someone Died in Your Home?

In theme with Halloween this Saturday, we wanted to share a fairly new resource for home buyers or curious home owners wanting to know a property's history without having to spend the hours of research it would normally take. The website DiedInHouse.com was created in 2013 by a software engineer, Roy Condrey, who found himself in a predicament when one of his tenants told him that his property was haunted. He found in his research that there are at least 4.5 million homes in the U.S. that have had a death in them and that there was no easy way to gain that information. So he created his own website DiedInHouse.com where you can search an address and pay $11.99 to get a detailed report on a property. The report includes: any deaths that have occurred no matter the cause, if there have been any fire related incidents, any history of meth activity, and the names associated with the address. It is a common misconception that Sellers or there Agents are required to disclose if someone has died in a home, when in fact according to the DiedInHouse website: 

Most states do not have a law to disclose that a property is stigmatized. Three states have a law to disclose events within one to three years of the purchase date. Fifteen states have a law that only if the buyer asks and only if the seller knows they are to disclose the information, but no legal action can be taken if they do not. The remaining thirty-two states have no law, therefore no legal action can be taken against the seller or agent for not disclosing.


To check out the website and utilize their services click the link below but beware you might find some information you'd rather not know.... 

Meg Hull